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Casting for Season Four of “Alt ForNorge”


Category: Culture / Lifestyle

The producers of Norway’s version of “Dancing With The Stars” and “American Idol” are returning to the U.S. for a fourth time to find fun, outgoing Americans with Norwegian ancestry to participate in Season Four of Norway’s number one Emmy Award winning reality TV series “Alt for Norge” (also known as “The Great Norway Adventure”). […]

Source: Norway.com

Published: November 29, 2012


US Election Night in Norway


Category: AmCham Norway

Based upon glowing attendee and partner feedback – and massive media coverage – the mission was decidedly accomplished. Election Night guests are a unique lot. They are typically deeply engaged in politics, often have an international background (surprisingly, only about 20% are American) and are not afraid to lose some sleep. As the US polls […]

Source: AmCham Norway

Published: November 23, 2012


REC is Merger Candidate as Solar Takeovers Loom, CEO Says


Category: Manufacturing

“We won’t be surprised if there are more mergers in the time ahead” and REC is involved in discussions with possible partners, Chief Executive Officer Ole Enger said in an interview in Oslo today after presenting REC’s third-quarter results.“When results are like now, you must always be open for solutions that can give better results.” […]

Source: Bloomberg News

Published: October 24, 2012


Norway Tells Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund to Buy on Dip


Category: Financial / Investment

The government this month codified that the fund, whichgoes by the official name of the Government Pension Fund Global, has to buy stocks when markets are falling as part of a strategy it calls rebalancing. The process will be triggered when the fund’s stock weighting deviates more than 4 percentage points from its 60 percent […]

Source: Bloomberg News

Published: October 25, 2012