Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg Lectures at the Harvard Kennedy School


Category: Government

Stoltenberg discussed how the “Oil Curse” occurs in countries with natural resources, noting the negative relationship between countries with a large amount of natural resources and real GDP per capita. Stoltenberg focused on the Norwegian experience and how although oil and gas has a large impact on the economy, it is balanced in a way […]

Source: Harvard University

Published: September 25, 2013


First US Built LNG-Fueled PSV with Unique Nitrogen Membrane Generator


Category: Shipping & Offshore

The NC 1.1 series cabinet model consists of a complete N2 Generator, a control panel and a feed air pre-treatment with a PLC control. The Nitrogen Membrane System is approved by all international marine standards. The fact that the system is DNV type-approved was one key reason why Harvey Gulf International selected the system. This unique […]

Source: Air Products

Published: September 24, 2013


Norway to End Prestigious Statoil Mongstad CO2 Capture Project


Category: Energy

The International Energy Agency–the energy watchdog of the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development–has said that CO2 capture and storage from power plants fired by oil, gas and coal will play a vital role in worldwide efforts to limit global warming, contributing to about 20% of required emissions reductions in 2050. The Mongstad full-scale project […]

Source: World Oil

Published: September 20, 2013


World Economic Forum: Norway Leaps Four Places in Competiveness


Category: Statistics

The country climbed from 15th place to 11th, primarily due to increasing internet bandwidth and greater penetration of mobile broadband.  It came 2nd in the world for the strength of its macroeconomic environment, a performance the report put down to a combination of windfall oil revenues and prudent fiscal management.      The report also […]

Source: The Local

Published: September 4, 2013


George Tsunis Nominated to be Ambassador to Norway


Category: Politics

It would be the first foray into international diplomacy for Tsunis, 45, of Cold Spring Harbor, who is managing director of Chartwell Hotels, manages his family’s portfolio of real estate holdings and was a partner in the law firm Rivkin Radler. “It’s humbling and it is a high honor to be nominated by the president,” […]

Source: Long Island Newsday

Published: September 10, 2013