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: Nordmanns-Forbundet’s 4th of July Observance

Date: 03.07.2011
Location: Frogner Park, Oslo

Every year, since its unveiling in Frogner Park on July 4th, 1914, the Lincoln Monument has been the focal point for a Fourth of July observance under the auspices of Nordmanns-Forbundet and the support and participation of the U.S. Embassy. This year, Nordmanns-Forbundet’s Fourth of July observance at the Lincoln Monument in Vigeland Park will […]

: Partnership for Change –Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy Conference

Date: 24.03.2011
Location: Oslo, Norway

By creating Partnership for Change, we hope to inspire more private individuals, as well as businesses, public institutions, academia, philanthropists and NGO’s to develop a better understanding of how we can actively participate in creating positive sustainable social change, nationally and globally. The conference will have a range of speeches, debates and seminars and will […]

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