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Sep 2017

: Industri 2017

Location: Bodø

Hva betyr det enkelte har kalt «den giftige cocktailen av populisme, proteksjonisme og nasjonalisme» for norsk industri? Når vilkårene for internasjonal handel nå endres, endres vilkårene for norske industri. For norsk industri er ikke lenger bare «norsk». Den har internasjonale eiere og deltar i en hard, global konkurranse. Tiden er inne for å ta frem […]

Oct 2017

: Cybersecurity & workforce education with US National Science Foundation

Location: DXC Technology, Oslo

Last year, the Norwegian National Security Authority (NSM) reported more than 22 000 cyberattacks on Norwegian companies and government agencies. Cybersecurity is one of the defining issues of our time. Can we keep our networks, devices and critical systems open, safe, and secure while maintaining personal privacy? In the US, cutting-edge social and technical research – […]

Oct 2017

: Annual Member Reception

Location: Oslo

Please hold the date – members will receive additional details.

Nov 2017

: Annual Thanksgiving Charity Dinner

Location: TBA

Please save the date. Additional information will be published closer to the date.

Dec 2017

: AmCham Christmas Party

Location: Oslo

Members will receive additional details.