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: UiS Debatt – Det amerikanske presidentvalget

Date: 30.10.2012
Location: Stavanger

Hvorfor har Barack Obama så store problemer med å bli gjenvalgt som president i USA? Det er spørsmålet når Geir Lundestad stiller til debatt 30. oktober. Det amerikanske presidentvalget dekkes som en stor hendelse i norske medier. Likevel kan valgkampen og det politiske systemet i USA virke både fremmed og uforståelig her i Norge. Direktør […]

: Hard Rock Cafe’s Halloween Party

Date: 27.10.2012
Location: Karl Johan, Oslo

Join Hard Rock Cafe Oslo’s Halloween party! Saturday 27th October we will celebrate Halloween with our staff dressed up the whole day Clients that come dressed up in full costume get free entrance to our Nightclub(from 23.00h)

: Debate with Women’s Forum, Conservative Party, DAN & RAN

Date: 23.10.2012
Location: Høyres Hus, Oslo

Women’s Forum and the Ideology Group of the Conservative Party in Oslo, in collaboration with Republicans and Democrats Abroad, invite you to a debate on the upcoming presidential election.  Speakers to include, Elizabeth Mandeville (RAN), Lisa Cooper (DAN), and Hilde Restad (NUPI). Store sal, Høyres Hus – Tuesday, October 23rd at 19:30. Please contact pia(at)hoyre.no […]

: Oslo Global Mobility Forum

Date: 18.10.2012
Location: Næringslivets hus (NHO HQ), Middelthunsgate 27, Oslo

Sign up now to secure your place at Norway’s leading global mobility forum: http://www.globalmobility.no/en/register-now. We have limited spaces that are filling up quickly. Here is what you can look forward to in this year’s program: Come and meet the politicians and authorities that can make a differencefor Norwegian employers: –Hanne Bjurstrøm, Minister of Labour –Directors […]

: The Presidental Debates: Impact & Consequence

Date: 18.10.2012
Location: Eilert Sundts Hus, Aud. 3 - University of Oslo

Program 07:45  Coffee and informal discussion 08:00 US Ambassador Barry White – Views on the Election and Debates followed by a short question and answer session 08:20 The first two debates – Video of the debates condensed down to the significant exchanges – presented by Monticello Society 08:40 Dr. David Mauk, UiO – The rhetoric […]

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