Working Groups

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, composed of AmCham Board Members, actively participates in the management of AmCham. Executive Committee members are appointed for one-year terms at the Annual General Meeting.

Pharmaceutical Working Group

Striving to provide timely patient access to innovative medicines, our pharmaceutical industry working group consists of 13 member companies collaborating for improved, transparent market conditions.

Food & Beverage Working Group

Currently primarily tasked with increasing awareness, availability, and market share of American wines in Norway.

Sustainability Forum

AmCham are bringing select, cross-industry member company representatives together to discuss opportunities, share best practices and find out how AmCham members can play a role in the Norwegian sustainability agenda going forward.

Taxation issues, legislative processes, education exchange, abrupt policy shifts, and joint communications are also addressed through various ad-hoc AmCham working groups of five or more member companies. AmCham is also in the process of establishing new long-term working group initiatives related to Fast Moving Consumer Goods.